Oct 20, 2023

Contemporary lighting has transformed the way we illuminate our surroundings, emphasizing not only functionality but also aesthetics and ambience. From enhancing the beauty of outdoor spaces to providing a sense of security, contemporary lighting plays a significant role in modern homes.

Understanding Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary lighting is a design concept that emphasizes modern and innovative lighting solutions. It's all about creating a harmonious blend of form, function, and style. This approach combines the latest lighting technologies and trends, allowing homeowners to create atmospheres that suit their preferences and needs.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Landscape lighting is a crucial aspect of contemporary lighting that focuses on enhancing the outdoor appeal of your property. It involves strategically placing light fixtures to illuminate specific areas and features in your landscape, such as pathways, trees, architectural details, and garden elements. Landscape lighting installation can completely transform the way your home looks and feels, both during the day and at night.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting Installation

  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Landscape lighting adds depth and dimension to your outdoor spaces, making them look more attractive and inviting. It allows you to showcase the beauty of your landscaping, even after the sun sets.
  • Increased Security: Properly designed landscape lighting can deter potential intruders and create a safer environment for your home and family. Well-lit paths and entryways reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall security.
  • Energy Efficiency: Contemporary lighting solutions often incorporate energy-efficient LED fixtures, reducing energy consumption and utility costs while still providing excellent illumination.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Outdoor lighting installation in Duluth takes landscape lighting a step further by considering all exterior spaces of your property, including patios, decks, façades, and outdoor living areas. It is all about creating a well-lit, visually pleasing, and functional outdoor environment.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Installation

  • Architectural Accent: Outdoor lighting installation can accentuate the architectural features of your home, creating a stunning visual impact after dark. It adds character and depth to your property.
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: A well-lit exterior not only enhances your property's curb appeal but also boosts its market value. Potential buyers are often drawn to well-illuminated homes that stand out in the neighborhood.
  • Improved Safety: Outdoor lighting installation improves safety by eliminating dark areas that might otherwise be hazardous. It helps prevent slips and falls and guides visitors to your doorstep.

Design Considerations for Contemporary Lighting

  • Light Fixtures: Choose fixtures that complement your design style, whether it's minimalist, industrial, or traditional. Consider using LED lights for energy efficiency and long-lasting performance.
  • Light Temperature: The color temperature of light can affect the mood of a space. Warmer tones create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while cooler tones provide a more modern and energetic feel.

For more design ideas, you can contact Abulous Lighting to get a professional’s opinion as well.

Accentuate Your Home with Lighting

Contemporary lighting has redefined the way we illuminate our homes, emphasizing not just functionality but also style and ambiance. Landscape lighting installation and outdoor lighting installation are key components of this modern lighting concept, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and security of your property. By carefully considering design elements and embracing the latest lighting technologies, you can create a well-lit outdoor environment that complements your lifestyle and leaves a lasting impression. Whether you aim to make your home more inviting, secure, or simply unique, contemporary lighting is the way to achieve it.

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Absolute Lighting installed my outdoor flood lights 2 years ago and they are beautiful! They did such a great job that I used them to setup and take down the Christmas lights for the past 2 years. I would highly recommend them. Frank always responds to questions and automatically puts me on the schedule for set up and take down of the Christmas Lights.

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We love Abulous lighting and have been using them for years  They are very responsive and professional and  will come back no questions asked for any follow up work  Good pricing and highly trustworthy  Frank, the owner, is a true  stand up guy.  I recommend without reservation

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Frank and the team at Abulous were great to work with. They came out and retro-upgraded some previous lighting that we had done a few years back and made it look as seamless and continuous as possible. They also worked with us on the best (& most economical) way to light up a hard to reach area of our yard. They also followed up with us after we had another group of workers "disturb" some of the lighting wires and came back out and fixed everything back up again. Very friendly, dependable local resource who do great work. Highly recommend.

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After reviewing multiple companies we contracted with Abilous Lighting to create outside accent lighting for our home, backyard patio, walkways, & fire pit.  Their ideas and design were the best!   It was a pleasure working with Frank Hasty, who did  the design, and his crew of Brandon & Rusty who performed the work.  All were excellent to work with.   We are very happy with Abulous Lighting.