As dusk blankets your property, does the beauty of your home and garden fade away, leaving you with a landscape lost to shadows and hidden safety concerns? Whether you're looking to add a warm glow to a garden, enhance the architectural details of your home, or ensure security for your premises, our diverse range of outdoor light fixtures and equipment is designed to cater to every need. Why let the setting sun dictate the beauty and functionality of your space? Utilize the following landscape lighting fixtures to transform your favorite outdoor areas.

Up lights

When night falls features like a cherished ornamental tree or striking architectural detail vanishes into the darkness. Up Lights cast a beautiful upward beam that breathes life into these features.


Mini Up Lights

It’s easy for the smaller, delicate features to be overshadowed by grander elements. Mini Up Lights are the answer to this. With their discreet design, they seamlessly blend into your landscape, casting precise beams that accentuate shrubs, smaller statues, or budding flowers.

Path Lights 

Path Lights ensure that your walkways remain visible and safe. Beyond their practicality, they elevate the beauty of garden paths or entrances. 

Soffit Lights 

Every corner of a property tells a story, even the undersides of roofs, decks, or patios. Without proper lighting, these areas can seem uninviting. Soffit Lights transform such spaces with their ambient glow.

Wash Lights 

Wash Lights provide an even, radiant glow over larger surfaces, highlighting textures and enhancing security. 


Post Lights

Post Lights provide both form and function. Designed for gate posts, driveways, or perimeter boundaries, they add a decorative touch to outdoor spaces.

Down Lights

Whether you're hoping to illuminate a particular pathway, feature, or garden bed, these lights cast a downward glow, delivering clarity without glare. Positioned overhead or on walls, they give you the ability to guide visual interest where you want it most.

Puck Lights

Compact yet powerful, Puck Lights' small, disc-like shape makes them perfect for tucked-away spaces like under steps, benches, or railings. 


Pond Lights

These waterproof fixtures are designed to be submerged, turning ordinary ponds or fountains into mesmerizing aquatic displays come nightfall. Not only do they highlight aquatic plants and fish, but they also create a reflective dance of light on the water's surface, adding a magical touch to your garden.

Moon Lights

Installed high up in trees or on tall structures, these lights cast a soft, dappled light downward, mimicking the gentle glow of the moon. Perfect for those seeking a natural, serene ambiance.


Outdoor lighting has specific needs, differing from the typical household current. Transformers bridge this gap, adjusting the standard current to cater to low-voltage outdoor lighting. This not only ensures the durability of your lights but also upholds safety standards by minimizing shock risks. 


Modern outdoor lighting is as much about convenience as it is about aesthetics. Whether it's setting a schedule with timers, utilizing photocells that react to daylight, motion sensors for enhanced security, or integrating advanced smart controls for personalized settings; you're in command. With the right combination, property owners can enjoy significant energy savings, bolstered security, and comfort.