Outdoor Landscape Installation Lighting in Duluth, GA

You've invested substantial resources, time, and creative vision in sculpting your property's outdoor space into a masterpiece. Lush gardens, stately trees, elegant pathways, and captivating architectural features beckon admiration during the day but come nightfall, this gallery of beauty is mostly lost in obscurity. This is where landscape lighting installation in Duluth steps in to illuminate the canvas of your outdoor space. If you want to get the most out of your landscape, then consider outdoor lighting. Abulous Lighting is a leader in the industry, and we are happy to get you started with a consultation today.

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting doesn’t just illuminate your hard work during the dark of night. It adds beauty and drama to outdoor spaces by highlighting key features and creating visual interest. Combining different types of lights, such as path lights, spotlights, and up lights, creates depth and dimension in your lighting design.
Outdoor lighting is not just about aesthetics though. Well-placed lights improve visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and making it safer to navigate outdoor areas at night. Adequate lighting can also deter intruders by eliminating dark hiding spots around your property. Finally, Proper lighting allows you to use your outdoor spaces for entertaining and relaxation even after the sun goes down.
These are benefits that prospective homebuyers will acknowledge, increasing the value of your property and the likeliness of a timely home sale. Whether you’re looking to sell or hold on to your property, outdoor lighting installation in Duluth can boost your property value.


Landscape Lighting Involves Meticulous Planning and Careful Implementation

While the allure of landscape lighting is obvious, its implementation demands a nuanced mastery of design, engineering, and installation. It’s important to hire experienced landscape lighting installers in Duluth, as they can navigate the intricacies of electrical wiring, fixture placement, and safety protocols. Their expertise ensures that the landscape lighting installation transcends expectations and aligns with the vision of the space's owner. Even if you are interested in a lighting fixture installation or two, the electrical work alone is enough to warrant experienced and qualified professionals.
Our seasoned technicians at Abulous Lighting possess a deep understanding of lighting design principles, ensuring that every installation exudes harmony and achieves the intended aesthetic effect. From electrical wiring to fixture installations, our skilled technicians execute each step with meticulous precision, guaranteeing safe and reliable performance. We also consider local electrical codes and regulations to ensure the safety and legitimacy of the installation.

Let’s Customize Your Landscape Lighting

Every outdoor space has a unique personality, and our qualified technicians tailor their approach to suit the specific needs, challenges, and aspirations of each project. We don’t pretend to know-it-all. We start with a free consultation to get to know what you, our client, would like to see. Once we have an idea of your vision, we collaborate with you to bring that dream to life. Call Abulous Lighting to schedule a face-to-face meeting or on-site visit for as soon as possible. We look forward to upgrading your landscape.

Whether you need a new system, system repair or want your system upgraded to LED, we are your best choice. Duluth Outdoor Landscape Lighting – Duluth Lighting is located right here in Duluth. We are the highest rated outdoor landscape lighting company in Duluth and all of North Metro Atlanta.

Every service listed on this page is discounted for Duluth residents.

Whole House System

Duluth area home with up-lighting on house and trees. Click for a larger view.

New LED System Special: $1,895

  • Ten Brass LED up-lights
  • One Brass LED path light
  • Transformer
  • Installation and materials
  • 5-year warm white LED bulbs
  • Lifetime warranty on equipment

Call for our other larger package specials.

System Repair

We only install brass fixtures that carry a lifetime warranty.

System not working?
We can repair your system
and get it working again – Guaranteed

Dispatch fee is $94 and includes up to 30 minutes of diagnostic work.

LED Conversion

We can convert most systems to LED.

  • Save substantially on power.
  • Bulbs last 8 times longer.
  • Warm white illumination

Conversion cost based on your particular system.

Not sold on LED? Read our article on why you need to convert today.

LED lighting will save you substantially on your power bill. Check out our Outdoor Lighting Cost Calculator.

We Install Christmas Lights!

Let us beautify your home for the holidays – Ask about our Holiday Lighting Packages!

Read what Area residents say:

“Mr. Frank was wonderful to work with! Frank was punctual, courteous and mindful of my lighting needs and budget. My lights were installed in less than two hours, and they are beautiful! The lights have provided me with the extra security and luminosity that I was dreaming of, my property value was increased within a day! I grin with glee, viewing my house at night!”

~ Renee
Suwanee, GA

Additional Services

Christmas Lights

North Atlanta Home Decorated by Griswold Holiday Lighting by…

Whole House System

These discounts apply only to residential properties.

New LED System Special: $1,895

System Repair

Whether you need a new system, system repair or want…

Read What Our

Happy Customers Saying

Kimberly Buckland

Absolute Lighting installed my outdoor flood lights 2 years ago and they are beautiful! They did such a great job that I used them to setup and take down the Christmas lights for the past 2 years. I would highly recommend them. Frank always responds to questions and automatically puts me on the schedule for set up and take down of the Christmas Lights.

Graham Antin

We love Abulous lighting and have been using them for years  They are very responsive and professional and  will come back no questions asked for any follow up work  Good pricing and highly trustworthy  Frank, the owner, is a true  stand up guy.  I recommend without reservation

Allan Conlan

Frank and the team at Abulous were great to work with. They came out and retro-upgraded some previous lighting that we had done a few years back and made it look as seamless and continuous as possible. They also worked with us on the best (& most economical) way to light up a hard to reach area of our yard. They also followed up with us after we had another group of workers "disturb" some of the lighting wires and came back out and fixed everything back up again. Very friendly, dependable local resource who do great work. Highly recommend.

Mike Thomas

After reviewing multiple companies we contracted with Abilous Lighting to create outside accent lighting for our home, backyard patio, walkways, & fire pit.  Their ideas and design were the best!   It was a pleasure working with Frank Hasty, who did  the design, and his crew of Brandon & Rusty who performed the work.  All were excellent to work with.   We are very happy with Abulous Lighting.