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Landscape Lighting Atlanta: LED Upgrades, New Systems & Repairs

Atlanta Landscape Lighting Installation

Whether you need landscape lighting installation for a new LED system or want to upgrade your current one, we are your best choice in Atlanta. Abulous Lighting is located right in Atlanta, servicing customers as the highest-rated outdoor landscape lighting company in all of Atlanta and North Metro Atlanta.

Professional Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Installation

We specialize in outdoor LED lighting systems to keep your home lit when you need it. We provide professional lighting installations, repairs, and maintenance to keep your lights working at their brightest all year round. Our lighting installation experts only use high-quality LED light bulbs, which last longer and are more cost-effective for you. We also offer Christmas light installations that make your home the brightest and most colorful during the holiday season!

If you run into any troubles with your LED lights, our experts will come to diagnose the issue and get your system working again in no time. We also offer a comprehensive maintenance program to regularly provide checkups and services to ensure your light systems are working the best they can to keep your home well-lit.

Cost to Plan and Install Landscape Lighting in Atlanta

Atlanta and North Atlanta residents can get discounts for certain services that we offer. Some of these services include:

  • Whole house system LED installation
  • Light system repairs
  • LED light conversions

Abulous Lighting uses LED light bulbs that can shine bright for a longer time and save substantially on power and energy bills. We offer high-quality landscape lighting systems that are installed by qualified experts at competitive rates. We also offer maintenance and servicing at affordable prices, so you don’t have to worry about costly repairs or the hassle of replacing broken lights.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting in Atlanta 

Landscape lighting has many benefits in improving the look and safety of homes for Atlanta residents.

It makes your home safer by deterring unwanted visitors because it appears that there are always people at home. It also makes your driveway safer to navigate because you can clearly see the path and any objects that could be tripping hazards.

Landscape lighting also makes your home aesthetically pleasing by highlighting the trees, statues, water features, and other structures that make your house look nice. Even if you don’t have any additional structures, outdoor lighting can make your home appear bigger and more inviting.

Lastly, landscape lighting makes your home spaces more usable at night by providing a well-lit area to hang out and relax when it gets dark.

All services listed below are for North Atlanta residents!

Whole House System

New LED System Special: $1,895

  • Ten Brass LED up-lights
  • One Brass LED path light
  • Transformer
  • Installation and materials
  • Warm white LED bulbs
  • Lifetime warranty on brass fixtures

System Repair

System not working?

We can repair your system
and get it working again – Guaranteed

Dispatch Fee:
North Atlanta Resident Price: $94

LED Conversion

We can convert most systems to LED

  • Save substantially on power.
  • Bulbs last 8 times longer.
  • Warm white illumination

Conversion cost based on your particular system.

LED lighting will save you substantially on your power bill. Check out our Outdoor Lighting Cost Calculator.

Christmas Lights

We Install Christmas Lights!

Let us beautify your home for the holidays – Ask about our Holiday Lighting Packages!

Read what Area residents are saying

Read what Area residents are saying

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Why should I install landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting provides homeowners numerous benefits that not only increase the level of security around your home but also enhance the curbside appeal of your property. At the same time, when choosing to install landscaping lighting with a professional installation company, homeowners are given the opportunity to maximize their outdoor living space while having the freedom to customize their final results with the guidance of light specialists.

Furthermore, another lucrative aspect of installing landscape lighting with a professional company is that it can increase safety around your property, especially around walk and doorways, to help prevent injuries when you, your family, and guests are coming and going on your property after the sun has set. Lastly, with professional landscape lighting, homeowners are able to maximize their property value, making it a great selling point to attract potential homebuyers in the future, should you ever decide to sell.

What type of landscape lights do I need?

The type of landscaping lights you require for your property will depend on its unique features and your personal preferences as a homeowner. As every property is different, we recommend homeowners in the North Metro Atlanta area call and book a consultation appointment with the Abulous Lighting team. Our crew of highly qualified electricians will come to your home before working with you to create your dream outdoor environment across your property for a competitive price that will have you falling in love with your home once again.

Book a free consultation with Abulous Lighting to transform your outdoor property and maximize your exterior living space!

Are landscape lights worth it?

Yes, landscape lighting is an effective home renovation strategy that is a great investment for homeowners who are looking to increase their property value, enhance their curbside appeal, and ensure their exterior property is safe and secure once the sun goes down, all while having the ability to customize your experience with our friendly and professional lighting team to ensure the final product of your exterior home renovation reflects your desires and preferences.

Furthermore, exterior lighting is a fantastic strategy that can highlight the architecture of your home, providing it with an elegant finish that truly maximizes the appeal of your natural property without investing in a complete outdoor transformation that can cost thousands of dollars. This is highly beneficial if you ever want to sell your property in the future and can be a great selling point that sets your property apart from other homes in your area when putting your home on the real estate market.

How is landscape lighting set up?

Landscape lighting uses low voltage electrical lights that are strategically connected to the power of your home using outdoor outlets. Our professional electricians are able to configure your outdoor landscape lighting to ensure wires and other electrical components are hidden from the visible eye to ensure that your outdoor property remains flawless. Again, the methods we utilize to plan and install your landscape lighting will vary depending on the unique characteristics of your home and surrounding property. Therefore, to learn more about this, we recommend booking an appointment with the Abulous Lighting team.

How can a large outdoor area be illuminated?

There are numerous ways a large outdoor property can be strategically illuminated to create a stunning curbside appeal. Common outdoor landscaping lighting includes:

Spotlights: Often used to illuminate plants, patios, statues, walls, and other unique focal points throughout your property.

Floodlights: Flood lights are used to brighten and highlight larger areas from above and below, such as walls and low, wide hedges and trees.

Downlights and up lights: These types of lights are great for hedges and the walls deciduous trees and facades of the home.

Step lights: If your property has outdoor staircases or steps, these lights are a good option if you are trying to increase outdoor visibility.

Garden lights: Garden lights are typically placed in areas with plants, flowers, and gardens to showcase their natural beauty and create a stunning focal point.

Path lights: Path lights are great for lighting walkways and steps and any other walking areas that have uneven surfaces or trip hazards.

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