Walkway Lighting Ideas for You

We all want to make your home space as welcoming and pleasant as possible. Some people might add personal touches to their interior decorations, renovate certain rooms in the house, or devote time to upkeep their backyard garden.

What some people might forget is the appearance of their front yard. The front of your house is just as important as your backyard and interior space. It’s the first thing that people see when they walk or drive by your house. You want to make sure your outdoor space is well-polished and that your guests have a great impression of your house whenever they’re visiting.

Adding a front garden with colorful flowers, re-paving your driveway, and landscaping your walkway are some great ways to update the appearance of the front of your house. If you’re interested in installing some landscape lights along your walkway to create a nice illuminated path towards your front door, Abulous Lighting can help you.

If you already have an outdoor landscape lighting system, you might already know how big of a project this is to install. Not only does it cost you money, but it takes a team of professionals to install and maintain the lights for you.

We specialize in LED lighting systems to keep your home lit when you need it. We provide professional lighting installations, repairs, and maintenance to keep your lights working at their brightest all year round. We can also provide some helpful tips and suggestions to bring your vision alive and transform your walkway.

It’s important to remember that besides looking pretty, your walkway lighting should be practical. Not only do you want them to illuminate your outdoor space and highlight any accents you want people to notice, but you also want your lights to improve the visibility of your walkway for you and your guests. Below are a few walkway lighting ideas to get you started.

Choose the right type of lights

There’s no right or wrong type of lights for your walkway. However, there are certain types of landscape lights that are more suited for specific areas of your walkway to really enhance the space. Here are a few types of landscape lights:

There are path lights in the foreground (flanking the driveway). Click to enlarge.

1. Steps lights

Step lights are a great choice if you have stairs leading up to your walkway or from the walkway leading up to your front door. It illuminates the stairs and makes it easier for people to see each step, reducing the risk of people falling or tripping.

There are a few types of step lights that are great for this area. LED lights that are hidden under each step create a subtle glow that’s strong enough to light up your stairs without blinding the eyes. The light might be not as bright compared to flood lights or post lights, but does the job and makes your stairs well-lit and safe for anyone to walk.

2. Down lights or path lights

Down lights are perfect for creating a moonlight effect that looks really pretty during the night. If you have trees or tall, long fixtures, you might want to consider installing down lights to light up a stretch of path in a softer, more subtle glow. For example, down lights are great if your walkway is lined with trees. The lights shine down on the ground, which makes it easy on the eyes to see what’s in front of you. Path lights are also great for the stairs if you install some wall lamps.

Path lights are similar to down lights because they are mostly used to light up a walkway. The light source typically also faces downwards, which helps project the light onto your feet and the path without being too bright for your eyes. Path lights come in a range of styles. For example, you have path lights with candles, warm white lights, cold white lights, and different materials.

3. Flood lights

Flood lights provide the widest amount of light per bulb. Many people install flood lights to shine directly onto their house. If you have a garden or landscaped area along your walkway, flood lights are also great for making these spaces a focal point of the front of your house. For example, if you have a front garden or a statue, a series of flood lights can draw people’s attention and make your house a memorable landmark in the neighborhood.

Reasons for installing walkway lights

Path lights are on the front walkway for safety and beauty. Click to enlarge

1. Increasing the visibility of your walkway

The most obvious reason for walkway lights is to make your path more visible for yourself and your guests. This is especially beneficial if you have a winding path or stairs that might be dangerous if people couldn’t see where they’re going at night. Whether guests are visiting you by car or foot, walkway lights guide them from your driveway to your front door and back out at the end of the night.

2. Enhance your curb appeal

You’ve probably passed by a house with walkway lights and thought how pretty they made the house appear at night. Walkway lights are great for highlighting areas along your walkway that you want people to notice as they walk by your house. For example, if you have a front garden or planted some hedges along your walkway, adding path lights or down lights can be an attractive finishing touch to the area.

3. Increase safety

Safety is a significant concern for many homeowners as you don’t want unwanted guests lurking around. Walkway lights illuminate the path to your front door, so you know exactly who’s at your front door. Intruders are also less likely to target houses with outdoor lights.

Path lighting ideas

1. Spacing

Spacing is important because too many lights can be very harsh on the eyes, but too few lights might not give the amount of brightness you want. Space the lights evenly on both sides at a suitable distance apart.

2. Light color

Certain colored lights might complement your walkway better than others. For example, darker tiles usually look nice with cold white lights because it has a greater contrast. You can also choose warm white lights or other colors like blue depending on what you want. The color of your lights also helps set the mood for your house’s exterior.

3. Style

There are many styles of walkway lights available based on your preference and the design of your house. If you have a more modern looking exterior, you might consider installing modern, angled lights. If you want a vintage style, try opting for lights with more rustic appeal.

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