Installing Pole Lights

We recently reconditioned some old pole lights and installed them at a nearby church. In the process, we converted them to LED and connected them to a new outdoor landscape light system we installed.

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Recondition the fixtures


Reconditioned Fixture Parts

We started by completely disassembling the fixtures, sanding and cleaning them, and repainting them.

We also sourced new screws etc. as necessary.

Begin Reassembly – Re-wire


Reconditioned Heads

Then we assembled most of the parts in preparation for installation.

We also ran new low-voltage wiring and replaced sockets and replaced the white plastic candle covers.

Measure, Locate, and Mark Fixture Locations

Identify and mark locations of fixtures.

Taking care not to disturb any existing buried infrastructure we marked the exact location of each fixture in preparation for digging holes for the concrete foundations.

Pour Concrete and Set Forms

Level concrete form.

We filled the bottom of the holes with concrete to create a good base.

Once we had a good amount of concrete poured we set 909-degree sweeps, and ran 12-gauge landscape wire.

Then we placed and leveled the forms.

Set and Level the Anchor Bolt/Template Assembly


Set and level-anchor-bolts

Before the concrete hardened we set the anchor bolts and leveled the templates.

The templates were made to match the bolt pattern of the fixture bases.

Install Lights and Connect to Power

We waited two days for the concrete to set, knocked the forms off, and installed the poles.

Later that day we connected them to the 12-volt outdoor lighting system and the job was complete.

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