Seven reasons why you should choose LED landscape lighting over incandescent

LED landscape lighting rules

In the past we would never consider LED (Light Emitting Diode) as an option for landscape lighting.  Only halogen bulbs provided the professional look that clients demanded. LED lamps were unreliable and frequently failed shortly after installation.

3-watt LED Lamp for led landscape lighting

These LED lamps are the best choice for LED landscape lighting designers.

Now when consumers think of LED, many immediately think of the solar powered LED landscape lighting that are sold at big box retail stores. That lighting is unnatural and underpowered. Additionally the fixtures are frequently plastic or aluminum and are marginal quality which will not stand up over time. This is why they only carry a one-year warranty.

When it comes to professional grade landscape lighting, LED has become the number one choice for professional designers and installers. Reputable outdoor lighting firms only install LED fixtures that are made of solid brass and carry a lifetime warranty.

Let’s take a look at why LED is now the best choice for professional landscape lighting.

Same Illumination – Lower Cost

LED lighting requires a fraction of the power of incandescent bulbs. Consider the numbers; a typical incandescent lighting system might have 15 35-watt fixtures. If the system were powered for 8 hours per night, the power usage would cost about $140 per year*.

By comparison, using LED technology, you can get the same brightness (about 525 lumens) by using a 6-watt lamp. The cost will be about $24 per year. That is a savings of about $116 per year.

Changing Bulbs Will be a Thing of the Past

Halogen bulbs are rated for a 5,000-hour lifetime. LED bulbs are rated from 25,000 to 40,000.  Running your 15-light halogen system for 8 hours per night will mean you’ll be changing almost 100 bulbs over the next ten years.

If you install an LED landscape lighting system you’ll still be running the original bulbs after ten years! The best (solid brass) fixtures carry a lifetime warranty on both the fixture and LED. If a fixture ever fails or a LED burns out it should be replaced or repaired for free**.

Never Buy a Replacement Bulb Again

Not only will you not have to change those bulbs again but also you’ll never have to buy them again. A typical 35-watt Par 36 halogen landscape light bulb costs about $10 each. This makes your 10-year savings (on bulbs alone) about $700 with LED landscape lighting systems.

LED Landscape Lighting is Cool

LED landscape lighting is much cooler to the touch than halogen bulbs. Cooler operating temperatures mean you’ll reduce the chance that ants and other animals will be drawn to the fixtures for heat in the winter months.

Your Fixtures Last Longer

The high temperatures generated by halogen bulbs reduce the lifespan of fixtures. When seals (and other components) are constantly heated and cooled they lose their elasticity and fail before they should.

Color Your World

LED lights come in a range of colors including warm for structure washes and cool for plant enhancement. You will be able to tailor your system to enhance each aspect of your property. Use a ‘cooler’ bulb to green-up your landscaping and use a ‘warmer’ bulb to give your house a warm and cozy appearance.

We Could Go On

There are many other reasons to use LED over incandescent or fluorescent. We’ll just end with the fact that LED landscape lighting systems are more robust, they turn on instantly and never flicker. They are environmentally friendlier than traditional landscape lights and you’ll rarely find yourself throwing one away or replacing it.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the latest in LED landscape systems or if you’d like to convert your current system to LED, give us a call and we’ll be right over. We’ll give you a free no obligation written estimate and back it up with our unmatched lifetime warranty on LED landscape lighting parts and installation.

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* Based on kWh charge of $.076

** Lifetime warranty does not include acts of God such as lightning strikes. Damage from lawn mowers etc. are not covered.