Outdoor Landscape Lighting Discount and Maintenance

Discount and Maintenance Club Membership

We are happy to introduce our Discount and Maintenance Club. Members will be provided with regular maintenance visits to keep your system in tip-top condition. The program also gives you discounts for all of our products and services.

  • This program provides all recommended  service procedures  which will keep your system in great shape and under warranty.
  • Our program has the most economical annual fee.
  • Our program provides discounts for EVERY product and service we offer on EVERY call we make to your property which will save your pocketbook in the long-run.

Read about the program below and call us today to get started .


  • Free system checkup, servicing and tune-up (see full list of procedures below)
  • 50% discount on ALL dispatch fees for the entire year.
  • 10% discounts on ALL products and services throughout the year.
  • Priority scheduling for the year.

Why Do Systems Need Regular Maintenance?

  • All outdoor lighting systems must be maintained. If the homeowner is not going to preform regular service and maintenance, then it should be contracted out to a professional. Fixtures that are cleaned and maintained last longer and keeps the warranty in force.
  • Dirty fixtures (lenses) diminish the illumination which will diminish the look of your home.
  • Failed lamps often go unnoticed.

Maintenance Program Procedures


  • Judiciously trim or prune plants in order to ensure proper subject illumination.
  • Clean each lamp fixture and shroud.
  • Clean lenses.
  • If necessary, adjust placement of fixtures (within length of lead) due to growth of plants.
  • Make sure all lamps are in working order.
  • Straighten path lights
  • Ensure all fixtures are buried to the correct depth.
  • Check fixtures for water ingress and damage.
  • Check fixture mounts for tightness, inspect for cracks.
  • Bury exposed wire (for large areas of exposed wire a labor charge may be added).


Clean transformers are safe and last longer

    • Clean inside of transformer.
    • Check voltage output.
    • Inspect and tighten terminal block screws.
    • Check timer programming and correct if necessary.
    • Replace timer battery.
    • Inspect photocells.
    • Apply insect prevention.

Note: The maintenance program does not include parts but they come at a discount for those enrolled in the Maintenance Club. Price list available upon request.

Discount and Maintenance Club Pricing

Frequency of System Tune-up/Checkup

  Annual Visit Semi-Annual Visit Quarterly Visit

Monthly Visit

Number of Fixtures
1 to 15 $295 $443 $664 $996
16 to 25 $345 $518 $776 $1,164
26 to 35 $395 $593 $889 $1,333
35 to 46 $445 $668 $1,001 $1,502
Over 47 Call Call Call Call

Note: Above prices are PER-YEAR.

Terms and conditions

  • Aerial lights are not included in this offer. Systems with aerial lights are quoted upon request.
  • Billing is via credit card.
  • For non-current-customers an initial system inspection may be required prior to execution of annual contract.

Need more information?

Phone: 770-521-2805
Email: MaintenanceClub@abulouslighting.com

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