landscape lighting troubleshooting

Most homeowners are not skilled at outdoor landscape light troubleshooting but this article can help with the basics.

While this article will not address every option, it will help you with the most likely reasons your system is not working.

Every system is different but these instructions are designed for one of the most popular setups. Follow the steps below and you may get your system back in just a few minutes.

If your timer is not working correctly

It may just need to be reprogrammed. Skip ahead to the timer problem section below for some tips.

If you just have one or a few lights out

You may just need to change light bulbs. If you want to change your own bulbs you can learn more about landscape light bulbs and what kind to buy and how to install them here on this bulb information page.

If all of your lights are out

Make Sure Your System Has Power

The most likely reason all of your lights are out is there is no power coming from the transformer to the lights. The first thing to check is whether you actually have power coming into your transformer.

Check the receptacle that your transformer is plugged into. If you don’t have a voltmeter use a phone charger or something similar. Does it have power? If so skip down to the transformer tripped circuit section. If not proceed to the next step.

Circuit Breaker in your Electrical Panel

Go to the electrical panel box for your home and make sure you do not have a tripped circuit. If you do reset it and check your lights.

Need help resetting your breaker – look here.

GFCI Receptacle Tripped

Is the GFCI receptacle tripped where your transformer is plugged in? If so reset it and check your lights. Does that help? If not check every other GFCI receptacle inside and out of the house. Frequently if one GFCI is tripped none of them will have power.

Don’t know how to reset a GFCI? – check this video

Transformer Circuit Breaker Tripped
Clean transformers are safe and last longer

Clean transformers are safe and last longer

Most transformers have a built-in circuit breaker. If the built-in breaker is tripped your lights will not come on.

Look for a little white or orange toggle switch (see photo). If the switch is in the down or middle position it is likely tripped and not allowing power to flow.

Flip the switch down or right (off) and back up or left to reset it.

Timer Problem
Astronomical Landscape Lighting Transformer

Astronomical Landscape Lighting Transformer

If your lights still don’t come on your timer could be mis-programmed or not functioning correctly.

To check your timer open your transformer door and you should see a timer that looks something like the one in the photo.

Grab the timer and pull it straight out. Then take the plug that is plugged into the timer, remove it and plug it into the socket that the timer came out of.  If your lights come on then you’ve found an issue.

If the timer is the issue most likely your timer programming is not correct. To re-program your  timer take it inside the house and watch this video. Once you have it programmed correctly put it back in the transformer the way it was and your system.

Still in the dark?

While the above steps will fix a large percentage of the issues we see it won’t fix them all.  If your system still doesn’t work we can help.

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