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Whether you need a new system, system repair, or want your system upgraded to LED, we are your best choice. Marietta Outdoor Landscape Lighting – Abulous Lighting is located right here in Marietta. We are the highest-rated outdoor landscape lighting company in Atlanta and  Marietta.

Every service listed on this page is discounted for Marietta residents.

Whole House System

Marietta Outdoor Landscape Lighting - Abulous Lighting

Marietta area home with up-lighting on house and trees. Click for a larger view.

New LED System Special: $1,895

  • Ten Brass LED up-lights
  • One Brass LED path light
  • Transformer
  • Installation and materials
  • Warm white LED bulbs
  • 20-year warranty on equipment

Call for our other larger package specials.

System Repair

Marietta Outdoor Landscape Lighting - Abulous Lighting

We only install brass fixtures that carry a lifetime warranty.

System not working?
We can repair your system
and get it working again – Guaranteed

Dispatch fee is $94 and includes up to 30 minutes of diagnostic work.

LED Conversion

We can convert most systems to LED.

  • Save substantially on power.
  • Bulbs last 8 times longer.
  • Warm white illumination

Conversion cost based on your particular system.

Not sold on LED? Read our article on why you need to convert today.

LED lighting will save you substantially on your power bill. Check out our Outdoor Lighting Cost Calculator.

Why Install Landscape Lighting?

The three main benefits of outdoor landscape lighting are safety, security and beauty. They increase the safety and security of your property by deterring unwanted visitors and making it more difficult for someone to lurk in the dark. It also makes it easier for you and your visitors to see your walkways at night, so you don’t trip and fall.

They make your house look more aesthetically appealing. Outdoor lights often shine on trees, water features, statues, and other areas to create eye-catching focal points on your property. Even if you don’t have any structures outside, landscape lighting can make your exterior appear more attractive, making it look really grand and pretty.

They make your front and backyard more usable at night. When it gets dark outside, you’ll mainly be restricted to hanging out indoors if you don’t have any additional lighting outside. With landscape lighting, you can extend your living area to your patio or garden to help you fully enjoy your outdoor space.

What is the Next Step for People Interested in LED Landscape Lighting?

The next step is to do your research. There are lots of factors that must be considered because LED landscape lighting is a big commitment that will run every day, all year round.

Consider the budget of your landscape lighting project, including installation, repairs, maintenance, and the electricity cost of running the lights every day. The next important thing to consider is durability. Your landscape lighting must endure all types of weather common in your area.

Also, pay attention to the size and style of the landscape lighting you want to install. Is your driveway, backyard, or other structures big enough for the design you want? Are there other structures that might come in the way of your outdoor lights? Which color lights do you want, and how bright will they shine?

We Install Christmas Lights!

Let us beautify your home for the holidays – Ask about our Holiday Lighting Packages!

Read what Area residents say:

“Absolutely amazing! I would recommend Frank and his team 1000%. I comparison shopped before making a decision with several vendors and Frank won hands down. Price was incredible, service was excellent and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We’re considering doing the back yard now too! Thanks to Frank and his team!!”

~ Laura Jane
East Cobb Native and Resident

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