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Abulous Landscape Lighting Design Gallery

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Sandy Springs Landscape Lighting

North Atlanta home looking its finest at nightfall. This house features standard up lighting at the base of the house but there are numerous mini lights that are in the corners of the gables.

This house features mostly up lights but there are up lights on the crepe myrtles in the front yard as well as path lights in the foreground (flanking the driveway).

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Johns Creek Atlanta

Installation in Johns Creek, GA.
8 ground-based brass spot/up lights.
7 roof and gable based brass mini spot lights.
Ground based spots on left columns are on progressively taller extensions as grade falls . This creates consistent illumination across all columns/soffit. - Click image for larger version

deck post brass metal landscape light

Post lights are an extremely effective way to light decks and stairs. They are very popular and allow homeowners to enjoy their outdoors without having to turn on flood lights that are too bright and create uncomfortable glare.

This home is lit with up lights placed 12" from the house spaced evenly between the windows. The top center gable is lit by two mini inset spot lights. Left and right trees are lit to frame the house. Path lights are on the front walkway for safety and beauty.

This house features up lights on the front facade as well as mini lights mounted on a gutter to illuminate the large gable. Up light are on trees in the foreground and path lights are added as well.

Country Club monument sign illuminated by wash/flood light. Crepe myrtles are lit by up/spot lights.

This homeowner changed his warm-white bulbs with alternating red and blue bulbs for a festive look for their July 4th party.

We also light restaurants. This restaurant is ringed with our warm-white C-9 holiday lights. This Suwanee restaurant draws extra attention from drivers on busy Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.

This house features up lights on the columns and lower garage. The second story is lit with up lights mounted to the standing seam roof. The garage gable is blocked by the horizontal soffit so mini spot lights were installed in the corners. The top center gable is lit with mini spots in the corners.

We do residential Christmas lights too. This house features warm-white C-9 lights.


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happy customers

"Hello Frank,

I received your note today, thanking me for the business.

Kathy and I are thrilled with the lighting and the work you and Zach did to make it happen. The same evening you wrapped up, I got a phone call from Kristy and Joe. Kristy and Joe live next door to me (on the corner) – they really liked the lighting. I gave them your contact information, so I’m sure you’ll get a call from them. We also had another neighbor compliment the project within 24 hours!

So, not only are we quite pleased, but already neighbors have noticed!

I’m not sure I shared all of the details, but I had collected a few advertising mailer / cards from outdoor lighting companies over the years, waiting for the day I’d finally be able to pull the trigger on the project. Your initial timing coincided with some recent thoughts I had about finally doing the project. Based on your sincerity, design, and what I felt was a fair price, I saw no need to shop around. The experience from Monday affirmed our decision.

Certainly we’re happy to be a reference if the need arises."


Roswell, GA