How to Uplight Trees: A Complete Guide

While many homeowners tend to focus their energy on renovating the interior of their homes, updating your landscaping is a great way to improve your curbside appeal and increase your home’s property value. However, while landscaping appears to be an easy job that anyone can tackle, without the proper guidance you can end up over lighting your exterior and completely missing the mark on creating a beautiful ambience.

Luckily however, we’ve put together a complete guide on how to uplight trees on your property so you can confidently design an outdoor ambience that highlights the uniqueness of your home with ease. Therefore, if you want to learn how to do this like a professional, keep reading.

How to Uplight Trees on Your Property with Ease

Abulous Up Light

Abulous Up Light

Similar to any home renovation project, before heading to purchase supplies, you first need to plan out what items you’ll need. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll first need to draft a budget so you can buy lighting fixtures and other landscaping supplies without encountering any surprise expenses later down the line. 

Additionally, you should also draft out any logistic challenges such as what kind of lighting fixtures you want to install, whether solar or electric, as well as the voltage of each bulb to create your desired mood. Remember, to create a balance of light that flows from one end of your property to the other, you’ll want to light some trees more intensely than others.

Furthermore, depending on the location of the trees on your property, you want to also make sure that any lights you install do not shine into the windows of your home as it can reduce visibility from the inside and become a nuisance to your friends and family at night. And of course, you also need to determine whether you want to hire a professional lighting contracting company to help you with your landscape renovation or attempt to do it yourself.

What is Uplighting and Why You Should Install it on Your Property

Uplighting is a type of exterior lighting feature that is installed on the ground level of your property. The fixture is then angled upwards at different angles, to shine light upwards. The benefits of uplighting trees include: 

  • Creating beautiful focal points across your property along with architectural features
  • Radiates an elegant and grandeur ambience at night
  • Adds depth to your landscaping
  • Encourages the eyes to look upwards, elongating your property to make it appear larger
  • Adds security and safety with visibility
  • Establishes or emphasizes any property boundaries

Tips for Uplighting your Trees

No two homes are identical –and the same can be said about the trees planted on your property, which is exactly why each tree deserves it’s time to shine when the sun sets. With that being said, it can be difficult to determine what kind of uplighting will complement the type of trees you have. However, the following uplighting tips listed below are highly versatile and can provide you with the subtle enhancements you are looking for.

  • Place your uplighting fixture directly at the base of each tree trunk before angling the light to shine upwards. This will help capture its branches during the winter, and its leaves, fruits, and flowers during the spring and summer time.
  • If your property has evergreen trees, place two uplighting fixtures on either side of its base and shine the light upwards. As a result, you’ll have a beautiful 360-degree illumination.
  • If possible, keep your lighting fixtures hidden as much as possible to ensure you do not attract focus towards the ground, rather than upwards toward the tree.
  • For smaller, more ornamental trees, opt for a softer light to create an enhancement that is more natural and subtle.
  • To create a contrast, install down lighting on larger trees to have light shine from above and below for a more dramatic effect.

What about bushes and shrubs?

Furthermore, if you have bushes and shrubs located at the base of the trees on your property, no need to worry. While it is possible to also highlight these features, keep in mind that too much light can create a bulky appearance that takes away from the overall ambience.

If you do decide you want to bring attention to the plants located around your trees as well, try opting for a downlighting fixture that is installed at the top of the tree, rather than the bottom for a moonlight effect. Alternatively, you can place your uplighting fixtures a little future away from the plants while keeping the light focused upwards to create an illumination that captures all of the plant diversity you have.

The Types of Uplighting Fixtures You Can Install for Your Home

Another factor to consider when updating your exterior landscaping, is what types of uplighting fixtures you want to install. Here is a closer look at some of the options you have to choose from:

Bullet Uplighting Fixtures

Bullet lights are a type of compact lighting that provides you with a ton of versatility. These fixtures feature a bright bulb with a precise focused beam making it the perfect option for larger trees you want to really shine on your property.

Well Uplighting Fixtures

Instead of being installed above ground like bullet lighting fixtures, well uplighting is installed within the ground or garden bed. The bulb sits in a waterproof case with a light that beams directly upward making it perfect for smaller, ornamental trees, bushes, and other shrubs that may be planted at the base of your tree trunk.

Flood Uplighting Fixtures

On the other hand, flood lighting is similar to bullet lighting fixtures. However, it generally casts a broader light beam that provides more illumination. Therefore, we suggest using flood lights on larger, more wider trees. Just keep in mind that because these types of lights illuminate an intense, white light you should use it sparingly if you can.

Other Uplighting Tips for Your Home

Moreover, if you plan on installing both uplighting and downlighting fixtures throughout your property, the best way to make a noteworthy impression is to begin with lighting your trees before expanding your design plans to illuminate other features on your property. This will help you determine what areas need more accentuating over others. It will also help ensure you don’t over illuminate your property once you are finished.

Final Thoughts on How to Uplight Trees  

As you can see, there’s a lot more that goes into installing uplighting and downlighting fixtures throughout your property. However, with the tips listed above, you should be able to confidently tackle your outdoor renovation with ease while achieving the beautiful result you’ve been waiting for. Nonetheless, if you still think you need some guidance with your uplighting project, don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional company for more information on how they can help you create the outdoor space that enhances your curbside appeal and ambience.

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