How to Light Up the Front of Your House

As homeowners, you spend a lot of time upgrading the interior and exterior of your house to make it look more appealing for yourselves and for your guests. This includes adding a gorgeous front garden, creating a paved path, and keeping your lawn in pristine condition at all times.

One of the renovations projects many homeowners embark on is installing lights to the front or back of your house. Exterior lights can help illuminate other dark paths on your front and back porch, making your house appear bigger and prettier at night. Not only can it make your house safer by fending off any unwanted guests lurking around at night, but it can also prevent people from tripping over objects in your driveway.

Exterior lights also give you more space to hang out with your family and friends at night. It makes use of your front porch space and gives you a well-lit place to relax. Without these exterior lights, it would be much harder to make use of your dark front yard at night. Especially during those summer months, exterior lights are the perfect way to extend your time enjoying the warm weather and great company.

There are many ways for you to install exterior lights to light up the front of your house and it’s important to seek the help of seasoned professionals. At Abulous Lighting, we specialize in Atlanta landscape lighting installations. Whether you need a new LED system or want to upgrade your current landscape lights, we’re your best choice in Atlanta. We provide professional service, including repairs and maintenance, to keep your house nicely lit year-round.

Are you in need of some inspiration to transform the exterior of your house? Here are some tips for lighting up the front of your house.

Where to install landscape lighting

There are a few different areas where landscape lighting can really enhance the safety and outdoor appeal of your house.

  1. Outside your front porch

Illuminating your front porch gives guests a warm welcoming to your house at night. It directs people straight to your door and makes it a focal point of your entrance area. This gives people a nice first impression and makes your house easily identifiable for anyone visiting.

Proper exterior lighting on your front porch also increases the overall safety of your house. If you have security cameras installed at your front door, outdoor lighting ensures that the area is well lit so you can see who’s stopping by at night. It also makes it appear as if there are always people at home.

  1. Accent features you want to highlight

You might have a nicely landscaped walkway, garden, or outdoor structure you want to highlight. Landscape lights are a great way to accent these features that you spent a lot of time and money on. It greatly increases the outdoor appeal of your house at night and ensures people can see these features when walking or driving by.

  1. Light up your walkway

Similar to installing lights on your front porch, lighting up your walkway created a nice, warm entrance for yourself and your guests. If you have any flowers or landscaped areas alongside your walkway, landscape lighting can also highlight these areas.

Lighting up your walkway also prevents you and your guests from tripping over anything as you make your way to your front door.

Choosing the type of outdoor light to use

There are several types of landscape lights you can use to light up different areas at the front of your house.

Landscape Lighting

1. Step lights

 Step lights illuminate the stairs area. You can install shielded lights that point downwards to create a softer glow that’s easier on your eyes, floor lights that shine upwards to give off more shine, or LED strip lights that are hidden under each step. It all depends on the aesthetics you want to achieve.

Be mindful of how bright your outdoor step lights are because too much light can blind the eyes and make the steps even harder to see.

2. Post lights

Post lights are great if you have any light poles or rails. These are great for lighting up your front or back deck and the stairs. Post lights shine downwards and usually have a softer glow than flood lights. It makes it perfect for creating a relaxing space for you and your family and friends.

3. Flood lights

Flood lights produce a flood of light to illuminate a large area at once. Many flood lights can produce a light beam as wide as 120-degrees. These are great for your driveway because there’s a lot of space to cover. If you install LED lights, it also reduces the amount of energy the lights need so you don’t rack up a huge utility bill.

4. Spot lights

Spot lights provide illumination in a specific area of your house. This is great for your garage, driveway, or front door area. It lights up the area you want without being too blinding. Spot lights are also beneficial for highlighting any specific areas of your front space that you want people to notice, such as your garden, a statue, or your house number.

Considerations when lighting up the front of your house

LED Bulbs

1. The type of landscape light you use

It’s important to choose the right type of landscape lighting for the area you want to illuminate. Not only does it affect the appeal of your space, but it also determines how effective it is at providing light. For example, using floor lights for your stairs might be too bright and blinding. Instead, you can opt for step lights or even spot lights.

2. LED vs. non-LED lights

LED lights help you light up the front of your house without having a high energy bill. Especially if you run outdoor lights every night throughout the year, LED lights can save you a substantial amount of money over the years.

LED lights also last longer than standard lightbulbs, so you can also save money and time on repairs and maintenance.

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