The Best Argument for Outdoor Lighting

Lighting Beautifies the Home

By far the number one reason we’re asked to install outdoor lighting is to enhance the beauty of property at night. Every system we’ve installed has enhanced the beauty of the home and every single customer has been pleased. But it’s a no-brainer really, outdoor lighting really makes a home shine at night.

Lighting is Safe

A by product of an outdoor lighting system is the safety aspect that the light provides. A system that is installed correctly will not only light up the subject areas but the ambient light will illuminate most of the rest of the property. This is great because you won’t find yourself (or your guests) tripping or falling over things they can’t see in the dark.  A well-installed outdoor light system will make your property much safer at night and prevent your and your guests from unfortunate accidents due to darkness.

Home Security Lighting is Reason #1

But the biggest and most important reason to install outdoor lighting is security. Dark houses and dark properties are most inviting to burglars. According the the Rutgers University of Criminal Justice, the right lights in the right place are a powerful crime prevention tool¹. Darkness gives the bag guys cover to case the property and work their way inside.

Burglar Breaking into Home - home security lighting

Homes with outdoor lighting systems are much less susceptible to break-in because there is nowhere to hide. Well placed up-lights illuminating your home will create gigantic shadows of burglars which could bring attention they don’t want². Perps prefer darkness and well-lit homes will be passed over by the bad guys.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for a new outdoor lighting system, at least consider motion detectors for your existing flood lights. They are inexpensive and could be the reason a perp skips over your house and goest to another (dark) house in another location.

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1. Can Lighting Reduce My Crime Problem? ~ Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice.

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