Five approaches to landscape lighting design

Landscape Lighting Design Techniques

Most outdoor lighting systems call for a range of fixtures and styles. It is important to recognize which application will be appropriate for your specific area. Do your best to capitalize on the strong parts of your property.  We have listed five of the most popular landscape lighting design techniques below. The best designers employ all of these approaches when they are presented with a comprehensive outdoor lighting project.

Wall Washes

Wall lighting on subdivision entrance wall.

Wall lighting on subdivision entrance wall.

Wall washes showcase key architectural features of your home. Try to make the lighting consistently soft and cover (at least) the entire front of the home. Many homeowners make the mistake of lighting only part of the home façade. The entire front of the home should be illuminated to showcase the complete architecture of the home.

Up Lights

Use up lights to highlight interesting plants and trees. Crepe myrtles, palms, river birches and willow trees look especially good when up-lit.

Path Lights

Be sure to install path lights along walkways and drives. Path lights can be installed at various heights and with various shade sizes to change the diameter of the coverage area.


Backlighting can give an interesting high contrast look to plants and structures. Backlighting can be used to great affect to silhouette interesting trees trunks. As part of an overall plan backlighting can complement adjacent aspects of the property that are front lit.

Moon Lights

Moon lighting is light that emits downward from high places like trees and focused down to softly light landscape or other areas of interest. Moon lights can provide a great deal of safety and security light as well as beauty light. Lights should be placed high and be well hidden to maximize their affect.

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If your project is significant and comprehensive you will likely want to use all of these techniques to get the best out of your presentation. If you feel you need professional help we are here for you.  Give us a ring and we’ll be out and give you a free no-obligation consultation.

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