A Complete Guide to Exterior Downlighting


Crafting an exterior ambiance for your home not only helps enhance your curbside appeal, but it also aids in translating your design aesthetic seamlessly into the interior of your home. And while it’s easy to think enhancing your curbside appeal requires a lot of work, many homeowners fail to realize that you can effectively create a gorgeous outdoor atmosphere with proper exterior downlighting. Therefore, if you want to learn more about how you can strategically utilize exterior downlighting to enhance your home, keep on reading for more information.

What is Exterior Downlighting?

Exterior downlighting is used to simulate the illusion of moonlight by projecting the focal point of the light itself, downwards from higher levels of your home and onto different points of your property in a natural and organic way. By doing so, you can create depth and warmth that appears welcoming, while providing visibility and a level of security on the outside of your home.

How to Use this Type of Lighting for Your Home  

Now that we understand what exterior downlighting is, let’s take a closer look and how you can strategically use this type of lighting on the exterior of your home to enhance your curbside appeal at night, without sacrificing its practical usage.

  1. Mounted Under Your Gutters, Overhangs, and Soffits

While the majority of homes already come equipped with exterior downlighting installed under your gutters, overhangs, and soffits, they are still a great and trendy way to accentuate the siding of your home and any windows around your property. You can update these features by playing with coloring, dimness, and choosing different fixtures of the lights themselves to look more contemporary or traditional depending on the style and design of your home.

  1. Mounted on Large Trees

Another fantastic way to create beautiful downlighting on your property is to mount exterior fixtures on large trees located on your property. As the light shines through its branches, you can intentionally create beautiful shadows throughout your lawn to further mimic the illusion of moonlight while accenting various areas of your property as well. Alternatively, you can angle exterior downlighting that is mounted high on your trees to cast light on walkways for a more muted effect.

  1. Mounted on Patios, Arbors and Gazebos 

Lastly, one of the best ways to create focal points on the exterior of your property, while enhancing the safety and security of your home is to accentuate any patios, arbors, or gazebos using exterior downlight. By mounting lights on the areas, you can enjoy the company of your friends and family once the sun has set. In addition, downlighting in these areas also makes any exterior furniture and décor visible at night which increase the visibility on your property to protect guests from injury.

Final Thoughts on Exterior Downlight for Your Home

As you can see, exterior downlighting is a highly beneficial and affordable way to enhance the exterior of your home to increase your curbside appeal once the sun has set. While these adjustments may be minor, they can help you achieve a seamless design flow from the exterior of your property, all the way into your home to enhance your guest experience and increase your property value should you ever decide to sell in the future.

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