Jun 16, 2024

Transforming your living space or yard doesn’t always require a significant investment of time or money. With a few well-chosen DIY projects, you can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home over a weekend. Here are six small projects that you can tackle, including some tips for landscape lighting installation to elevate your home's exterior charm.

1. Install Landscape Lighting

Adding landscape lighting is a fantastic way to enhance your yard's appearance and improve safety. Start by planning where you want the lights to go. Pathways, garden beds, and architectural features are excellent places to highlight. For an easy installation, use solar-powered lights that don’t require wiring. If you prefer wired lights, ensure you have an outdoor-rated extension cord and a timer. Dig shallow trenches to bury the wires and connect them to a power source, following the manufacturer’s instructions. The result will be a beautifully lit landscape that you can enjoy at night.

2. Build a Raised Garden Bed

A raised garden bed is an excellent project for those looking to grow vegetables or flowers. Choose a sunny spot in your yard and measure out the dimensions for your bed. Common materials for constructing raised beds include untreated wood, stone, or brick. Assemble the frame, ensuring its level, and then fill it with a mix of topsoil and compost. Plant your chosen seeds or plants, and you’ll have a productive garden space that’s easier to manage and maintain.

3. Create a Patio or Deck

Creating a small patio or deck can significantly enhance your outdoor living area. For a patio, outline the area with a rope or hose, then remove any grass or weeds. Lay down landscape fabric to prevent future weed growth and cover it with gravel or sand. Finally, place pavers or stones in your desired pattern. For a deck, opt for a pre-fabricated deck kit or use wood planks to build a simple platform. This new space will be perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing on sunny days.

4. Paint an Accent Wall

Painting an accent wall is one of the quickest ways to refresh a room. Choose a bold color that complements your existing décor and pick a wall that naturally draws attention. Prepare the wall by cleaning it and filling in any holes or cracks. Use painter’s tape to protect adjacent walls, trim, and the ceiling. Apply a primer if needed, followed by two coats of your chosen paint color. This simple project can dramatically change the look and feel of a room in just a few hours.

5. Upgrade Cabinet Hardware

Replacing the hardware on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is a small change that makes a big impact. Choose new knobs or pulls that match your style, and make sure they fit the existing holes, or be prepared to drill new ones. Remove the old hardware, clean the surface, and install the new pieces. This project is straightforward and can be completed with just a screwdriver, giving your cabinets a fresh, updated look.

6. Outdoor Lighting Installation

Enhancing your home's exterior with outdoor lighting installation is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Begin by identifying key areas to illuminate, such as the front door, garage, or backyard patio. Choose weather-resistant fixtures and LED bulbs for energy efficiency. For a quick and easy installation, consider plug-in string lights or lanterns. For more permanent fixtures, such as wall-mounted lights or pathway lights, you may need to drill holes and run wiring through your home’s electrical system. Be sure to follow safety guidelines or consult an electrician at Abulous Lighting if necessary. Properly installed outdoor lighting can improve security and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Make Your Own Improvements

With these six small DIY projects, you can make significant improvements to your home and yard in just a weekend. Whether you’re enhancing your garden with landscape lighting installation or freshening up your interior with a new paint job, these projects are designed to be manageable yet impactful. Take the time to plan each step carefully, gather your materials, and enjoy the satisfaction of completing a project that adds value and beauty to your home.

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Kimberly Buckland

Absolute Lighting installed my outdoor flood lights 2 years ago and they are beautiful! They did such a great job that I used them to setup and take down the Christmas lights for the past 2 years. I would highly recommend them. Frank always responds to questions and automatically puts me on the schedule for set up and take down of the Christmas Lights.

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We love Abulous lighting and have been using them for years  They are very responsive and professional and  will come back no questions asked for any follow up work  Good pricing and highly trustworthy  Frank, the owner, is a true  stand up guy.  I recommend without reservation

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Frank and the team at Abulous were great to work with. They came out and retro-upgraded some previous lighting that we had done a few years back and made it look as seamless and continuous as possible. They also worked with us on the best (& most economical) way to light up a hard to reach area of our yard. They also followed up with us after we had another group of workers "disturb" some of the lighting wires and came back out and fixed everything back up again. Very friendly, dependable local resource who do great work. Highly recommend.

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After reviewing multiple companies we contracted with Abilous Lighting to create outside accent lighting for our home, backyard patio, walkways, & fire pit.  Their ideas and design were the best!   It was a pleasure working with Frank Hasty, who did  the design, and his crew of Brandon & Rusty who performed the work.  All were excellent to work with.   We are very happy with Abulous Lighting.