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Seven reasons why you should choose LED landscape lighting over incandescent

LED landscape lighting rules

In the past we would never consider LED (Light Emitting Diode) as an option for landscape lighting.  Only halogen bulbs provided the professional look that clients demanded. LED lamps were unreliable and frequently failed shortly after installation.

3-watt LED Lamp for led landscape lighting
These LED lamps are the best choice for LED landscape lighting designers.

Now when consumers think of LED, many immediately think of the solar powered LED landscape lighting that are sold at big box retail stores. That lighting is unnatural and underpowered. Additionally the fixtures are frequently plastic or aluminum and are marginal quality which will not stand up over time. This is why they only carry a one-year warranty.

When it comes to professional grade landscape lighting, LED has become the number one choice for professional designers and installers. Reputable outdoor lighting firms only install LED fixtures that are made of solid brass and carry a lifetime warranty.

Let’s take a look at why LED is now the best choice for professional landscape lighting.

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Five approaches to landscape lighting design

Landscape Lighting Design Techniques

Most outdoor lighting systems call for a range of fixtures and styles. It is important to recognize which application will be appropriate for your specific area. Do your best to capitalize on the strong parts of your property.  We have listed five of the most popular landscape lighting design techniques below. The best designers employ all of these approaches when they are presented with a comprehensive outdoor lighting project.

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