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Outdoor Landscape Lighting – Color Spectrum – Kelvin

When we inform customer that we exclusively use LED bulbs in our fixtures one of the first questions we are asked is about the color.

What color are our LED lights

outdoor landscape lighting Color-Temperature-Chart in kelvin
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The vast majority  of our clients want warm white light. Not the stark, blue, cool light that many associate with LED bulbs. Fortunately, the LED light industry has made advances to the point where lights can be manufactured to emit virtually any color.  So meeting the request for warm white lights is a daily activity for us.

Color Spectrum – Kelvin

The halogen lights that have been traditionally used in outdoor landscape lighting are roughly 3,000 kelvin. The bulb we use range between 2,700 kelvin and 3,000 kelvin. To the naked eye there is no essentially no difference between the traditional halogen and our LED lights.

Custom Color Lights

On occasion we’ll receive a request for a special light color. For example we have biped bulbs that are 2200 kelvin and will match the color of a flame. The are popular in our deck/post fixtures where clients may have candles on nearby tables.

Also some clients like to install red and green bulbs at Christmas; orange bulbs at Halloween; and red and blue bulbs for Independence Day.

If you would like custom color LED lights let us know and we’ll take care of it for you or point you to a source for them.

Need more information?

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