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BrightLights Club Maintenance Program

Almost half of our trips are to repair systems that have fallen into disrepair. Most of these trips would have been avoided if the systems had been maintained at least once per year.

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With annual maintenance

  • Your lights perform as they should and therefore show the true beauty of your home, provide the safety they were intended to provide and provide the security you need with year-round worry-free operation.
  • You have clean and conditioned fixtures that lasts much longer and do not corrode to the point where they cannot be fixed.

What is included in the BrightLights Club

Free Annual System Maintenance
  • Pruning and maintaining vegetation to assure proper light beam spread.
  • Cleaning lamp fixture lenses and placement.
  • Tightening of terminal block screws.
  • Re-aiming and adjust fixtures.
  • Replacement of burnt bulbs with LED (if necessary)*
  • Lubricating lamp fixture sockets and connections
  • Re-bury exposed wire if needed
  • Inspect transformer and reset timer/control
  • Spray for insects that may have invaded fixtures and/or transformer (if necessary)

The above is a condensed list of the steps we take to perform maintenance on your system. If you would like to see a more comprehensive list of what we do, you can read it on the page we wrote for homeowners who want to maintain their own system. Check it out at Homeowners Guide to Professional Landscape Light Maintenance.

20% Discount on ALL parts.
  • Discount includes bulbs, fixtures, transformers, wire, brackets and stakes.
20% Discount on all subsequent service calls.
  • Discount is for unlimited calls (limited service area – see below for details).
Bright Lights CTA

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