Welcome to the Abulous Lighting Referral Reward Program

FittyBux Reward Card
Got one of these? Congrats!

This program is intended to reward customers for their valuable referrals as well as provide a discount on our services to their friends and family.

How The Program Works

After we finish installing a lighting system for one of our customers they receive a pre-numbered two-part perforated reward card.  This card allows our customer to provide a friend or family member a discount for lighting systems and services from Abulous Lighting. This also makes our customer eligible to earn a referral reward.

Our customer simply tears off the large portion of the card and presents it to the recipient. Then the recipient contacts Abulous Lighting for a free outdoor lighting consultation and quotation. Once the holder of the coupon receives their final quote for their lighting project they present the card for an additional discount.

Once the new customer completes their purchase, the customer who gave the discount card to the new customer earns their reward.

 Discount/Reward Table

Discounts and rewards are earned when each purchase level is achieved. See the table below for specific discounts and rewards.

Discount-Reward Table

Got a ticket to redeem?

Call us at 770-653-6425 or drop an email to or fill out the form below. Either way we’d love to help you earn your reward.

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Program Terms and Conditions

  • Validity of the ticket is at the sole discretion of Abulous Lighting.
  • May not be combined with other offers.
  • Not valid with our Groupon Promotion.
  • Not valid with our Yelp Promotion.
  • Discounts and rewards are earned in multiple of $750 spent.
  • Sales tax does not count towards money spent.
  • This program is the exclusive property of and under the exclusive management of Abulous Media Products, LLC
  • This program may be canceled at any time without notice.

Copyright 2015 Abulous Media Products, LLC

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